How To Make Discount Sunglasses Popular Among Buyers?

This is a problem faced by many retailers who complain that they lose buyers when they offer eye-wear at a discounted rate, since buyers believe that these are old glasses which are being sold at a cheaper rate. Some buyers even believe that discount sunglasses are defective or not perfect due to which they are being offered at lower prices. As a dealer of some popular eyeglasses, if you too are facing such type of problems – here are some easy tips on how to make these sun protective glasses hot sellers of your store. Hope you find all these tips very useful.

Communicate: If you wish to make discount sunglasses very popular among the buyers, you have to speak to your customers. You have to tell them why these protective glasses are being offered at a discounted rate and that they are no way related to the quality of eyeglasses. You need to maintain a transparency with your buyers and address all their queries with patience. If you become restless or show annoyance they will become doubtful about your intentions and will start doubting your products. You have to be very friendly and courteous – especially when you find that your buyers have some doubts related to the eye-wear you sell.

Demonstrate: The best way to convince your buyers is to show them. Seeing is believing – you just need to show every detail of the eyewear and ask your customers to check for themselves before purchasing the sun protective glasses. If you are selling branded items like Ray Ban or Gucci, you can show their labels and tell your buyers about the offered guarantee on the quality of the product – thus, they shall be convinced that if something goes wrong with the discount sunglass they can get back to you.

If you still find that your buyers are not ready to purchase eyewear which is offered at a discounted rate, you have to gain their confidence in some other way. You have to think about some unique ways to get your buyers purchase discount sunglasses. Once they purchase these eye glasses and start using them, they will soon realize that these eye glasses are of good quality and no way inferior or lacking in something as they used to believe. Once they realize that it is a win-win deal, you will get your steady flow of customers. So, let’s know about some ways in which you can lure your customers in buying sunglasses from you.

Free gifts: You can offer some free gifts with discount sunglasses. You will notice that several people are buying this reduced price eye-wear, just to check out what is FREE.

Scratch cards: You can introduce promotional features like scratch cards available with every eyeglass sold. Those who are lucky will find some great gifts on scratching the cards.

Lucky draws: These are also another way to attract buyers. People buy goods on the hope to win some great prizes. So, if you wish to bring in customers, you should ask them to take part in lucky draws and win prizes – and offer them free coupons on purchase of eye-wear.