Latest Fashion Sunglasses Trend for 2011

The year 2011 is all about color. In case of sunglasses, the bright red and orange shades are very “in”. Blue and yellow too are a loud choice with many people, however, not many people can carry off these vibrant colors, and although it may seem cool it may be too aggressive on the eyes. Hence, colors like black, grey, lighter shades of brown and other subtle colors are recommended because they absorb the harmful sunrays and relax the eyes, plus they never go out of style,.

If you are confused between glass or plastic lenses, you must know the critical details about each one. Plastic lenses are light weight, do not strain the eyes and nowadays they also come with a fine coating that resists scratches although not all plastic lenses are scratch resistant. Glass lenses on the other hand are more durable and offer 100% protection against the UV rays and scratches.

Choosing the type of glass for your lens is not an easy task as you need to take into consideration many minute aspects. Not only must they look fashionable but must also offer thorough protection against the sun, the color must go with the outfits you normally wear. Most importantly you must feel comfortable wearing them.

Today there are so many types of sunglasses that can easily put one in a dilemma. Sunglasses are available in many variations of color, material, purpose, shape and size. Thick frame glasses are always preferred. Similarly, the aviators never go out of style. The current picking trend is that of large frame and huge lenses having unique designs. White frames are the latest trend today. The urban classic that is picking up pace this year is the “Wayfarers” of Ray-Ban. While picking up a pair of sunglasses you must make sure that it suits the structure of your face. A mismatch in this could lead to a terrible look. The flowing glass style, which was a huge success last year, is still one of the most preferred shades. It is the color that is the most significant aspect in such sunglasses and not the frame. The top part of the lens is dark and it blends to a lighter shade towards the bottom. This type of sunglasses, although very appealing, strain the eyes. Another option to stand out from the crowd is to go for a very rare frame that has various embellishments on it, since it would be unique; you would definitely get heads turned.