Make Sure Your Sunglasses Have UV-Protection

People today are becoming more aware of the dangers that come with increased global warming. Terrifying levels of ultraviolet radiation are now absorbed through the atmosphere and affect the biosphere in more ways than you can possibly imagine. The eyes and the skin, exterior body parts that are directly affected by the radiation are beginning to feel the pangs of global warming. This is why a normal pair of sunglasses isn’t enough to protect you anymore. You’ll need UV-resistant eyewear to prevent damage to your vision.

Three types of low frequency light waves make up the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The ones that cause drug reactions related to sunlight are UVA rays. UVB rays are the most dangerous kind that cause cataracts. They are the most harmful rays because they have the ability of passing through clouds and water that are supposed to filter out the sun’s rays. UVC rays, however, are the most harmless because they are usually filtered by the atmosphere. Lastly, there are heat rays or infrared radiation that magnifies the force of the sun especially in places near water bodies. Thus, you need to make sure that you get 100% sun protection.

If you invest in a quality pair of UV-resistant glasses, then you’re guaranteed 99% to 100% UV protection. Clear lenses give 80% protection compared to yellow lenses that give 97% protection. If you want to go further on the safety route, you should look for 400 nanometer capability of UV resistance and pairs that fulfill ANSI UV requirements. These kinds of sunglasses will surely protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, no doubt.

For those who usually engage in high impact sports and physical activities outdoors, impact-resistant sunglasses are the best pairs to invest in. They are made of highly durable materials to minimize damage and can provide 100% UV protection at the same time.

UV protection should always be your number one priority when buying sunglasses because of the sun’s increasingly harmful rays. It is not enough to buy over-the-counter sunglasses that only physically protect the eyes. Always look for 100% protection from all the types of ultraviolet rays. Always keep in mind that you have to protect your eyes from harmful rays that cause cataracts, drug reactions and so much more problems with vision. Be a smart shopper and know what you need when looking for a pair of sunglasses.

Bland recommends Lacoste sunglasses for men and Juicy Couture sunglasses for women. Both brands provide stylish frames along with 100% UV-protection.