Make Your Perfect Game with Golf Sunglasses

“Golf is a game of confidence,” says a prominent golf personality, Bob Dr. Rotella. But what makes confidence, really? The brunt of confidence is in feeling good about yourself, and the brunt of that is in looking good and knowing it! When playing golf, you have to be aware of what makes you feel good and puts you “in the zone,” so to speak. This is precisely why you must invest in good golf wear, such as a good vest, comfortable sports pants, and protective golf sunglasses.

You might find it strange that people who play golf will need sunglasses. In fact, it’s not strange at all! Golf players and their enthusiasts have to stay in the sun for an extended period of time… and because of this, golf sunglasses are an indispensable part of their ensemble. Or else, it should be.

Like a lot of other athletes, golf players rely greatly on their sense of sight and depth perception in order to win. But overexposure to the sun may compromise those very vital things. The sun’s rays could be hugely damaging to anyone’s eyes, but athletes who need to be exposed to them regularly are at a special risk. Because of this, protective eyewear is a must for people participating regularly in outdoor sports. Even a non-contact sport like golf calls for a great deal of physical fitness.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing sunglasses for golf is the quality of your lenses. Do they allow sufficient wind and dust protection? Are they sturdy enough for all climates and weather conditions? Special lenses may well be the most expensive parts of eyewear, but if you’re after optimum functionality, try to not even consider cheap sunglasses that don’t adjust to the different kinds of weather and light conditions you may experience in-game.

Another must is anti-fog lenses – you don’t want your breathing, poor weather, or an increased body temperature to get in the way of a good game, do you? All of this – plus the 90%+ UV protection that’s an absolute must for all outdoor athletes – may indeed cost a pretty penny, but if you choose the right pair of sunglasses, they could last you a lifetime, and make you look cool no matter what you wear, or what event you attend, on or off the green.

Frames should also be in your priority list, of course. Frames that wrap around your face, leaving no room for wind, dust or debris to get into your eyes, are excellent for most types of sports gear, and you may wish to consider them for golf sunglasses, as well.