MP3 Sunglasses – Make You a Style Icon

Some of us might have been fascinated with the X-Ray glasses in our childhood. We eagerly wait to get a hand on it so that we can amaze our friends with that little wonder. Now the same enthusiasm we can go through, when we see the MP3 sunglasses. Its for Adults as well as for teens. The same feeling you will go through when you hold one MP3 sunglasses in your hand. Its style with Substance.

Our generation has been lucky to see the growth of technology to an unparallel level. We have seen technology entering to your life in a big way. Even for a small work, technology is involved. Digital Music has changed the way we listen to music. Now 1000’s of songs in our pocket. The MP3 players has flooded the market. But one of the coolest gadget to come around is the MP3 sunglasses. It combine the fashion and technology together to give you the best.

The stylish design is something you will fell in love with. Imagine you are relaxing on a beach, riding your favorite bicycle along the mountains paths or just taking a walk.. how would have you felt to wear the coolest sunglasses and also listen to your favorite music. The feeling is unparalleled. No more jumbled up in the earphone wires. With the built in ear buds on to the frame, you can easily adjust as per your ear positions. With all controls on the frame, it is easily accessible to change the next track on volume.

Some of the MP3 players even doubles as camera, to take pictures and take videos in AVI formats, which later you can download to your computer directly. Rechargeable battery will let you listen to your music for 3 – 5 hours.

The cool things about MP3 sunglasses is not quick to end. With various styles and in shades, you can check out the models here.. in military design sunglasses or in Black color sunglasses, It bring back the childhood memory and of course, it will amaze your friends.