Nonprescription Colored Contacts

There are many types of nonprescription colored contacts for different eye conditions such as astigmatism contact lenses, and bifocal contact lenses. Many people also wear contact lenses as a fashion accessory. Nonprescription contacts are available in several types and colors. They can be used as a cosmetic accessory or sometimes used to complete a costume. You can get some cool, rare color combination’s, such as hazel colored contacts, aqua contact lenses, violet colored ones, and green shaded contacts.

The great Leonardo da Vinci was the first to think of contact lenses, long before they began to be manufactured as vision correction devices. Contact lenses serve as a good alternative to regular glasses and can make a person more attractive. Hazel colored contacts are a good choice for people who are looking to darken their eye color.

There are different types of nonprescription colored contacts that are classified based on the period or the number of days they can be worn. Some lenses can be worn for days at a stretch. These contact lenses usually have a life span of 30 or 90 days. Some long-term lenses can be worn overnight too. Disposable contact lenses can be worn only for a day and for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch. If they are worn longer, they can cause irritation and harm the eye due to lack of oxygen supply to the cornea. Nonprescription colored contacts can typically be used for 2 weeks and are manufactured using the latest silicone material that keeps the eyeball hydrated and allows oxygen to pass through.

Colored lenses come in three basic types. Visibility lenses that usually have a hint of light blue or green added to them in order for them to be visible easily when not worn. They do not alter the natural eye color. If you have light colored eyes and want your eye color to be more pronounced and better defined, then you should go in for enhancement colored lenses. Opaque colored lenses are used when you want to change your eye color completely. Opaque hazel colored contacts come in different shades like hazel brown, honey, light hazel, pure hazel, dark, and deep hazel. This color is a good option if you want a lighter eye color. You can use opaque contacts to lighten your dark eye color easily.

Hazel Colored Contacts are the most common among Nonprescription Colored Contacts. Different hues of brown can bring a natural look to your eyes and make them more attractive.