Novelty Contacts

Novelty contacts are colored contacts that change your eye color or give some unnatural appearance to your eye. The difference between normal color contacts and novelty is the fact that novelty is used only for cosmetic (to change the appearance of your eyes) and they have no corrective effect to your vision. They are also known as non-prescription colored contacts (the difference between them is that there isn’t a prescription choice for novelty contacts). Even though they don’t require a prescription, you are strongly recommended to visit an eye doctor to see what kind of contact lenses are good for your eyes in order not to hurt them.

Novelty contacts are mostly theatrical contacts that have unnatural look or some special effect on them. If you’ve seen some crazy looking eyes (like vampire eyes) in movies or theatre, they have most likely used these to get this effect. Although these are used also professionally, but anyone can get these for their own or for others’ pleasure for cheap prices (although these cost usually little more than regular color contacts).

You can use these if you want to make your own movie or a play, that way you can get quite the professional look to it. These are also popular when role playing at different events some game, cartoon and movie characters that have some extraordinary eyes. There are also some that look really cool if you decide to go party to some club because you can that way easily get attention there without the eyes actually looking that unnatural.

These are opaque contacts so instead of just adding color to your original eye color, they will change it completely. That is why these are good for both dark and light eyes (those contacts that only will add color or enhance your original eye color won’t have much effect on dark eyes).

You can buy these from most color contacts shops (online stores have usually very wide selections). When it’s near Halloween, there will be novelty contacts everywhere because they’re quite popular when dressing as a zombie or a werewolf. During Halloween you can easily scare the old lady living next to you by having a pair of those freaky eyes!

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