The Best Sunglasses For UV Protection

Sunglasses are now considered a necessity to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Though the primary purpose of sunglasses is for eye protection, it needs to be fashionable as well in order to mesh well with different outfits or attires. Shopping for sunglasses need not be expensive as can be seen in high street shopping and the likes. To get cheaper alternatives but still chic and stylish, online shopping is the key. Online shops offer designer eyewear at a cheaper price as compared to really shopping in eyewear shops in malls or boutiques. Considering cheap but stylish eyewear, it still needs to provide optimal eye protection against the different elements especially from harmful UV rays. In this regard, one should consult with an optometrist or an optometrist’s website in order to get the best advice on what eyewear to get.

Usually, optometrist would state the one should acquire sunglasses that offer protection against all the UV rays. In addition, good optometrist would indicate their range of sunglasses and state its UV protection values. UV400 is considered the basic kind of protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, not all sunglasses offer this kind of protection; some are below UV400. But it does not mean that such sunglasses are substandard.

The sun is the main source of ultraviolet rays or UV rays. It comes in various wavelengths such as UVA ranging from 320 to 400 nm, UVB ranging from 280 to 320 nm and UVC, which ranges from 320-400 nm. Basically, UV rays are divided in to three categories based on the wavelength it belongs to. UVA radiation is slightly affected by the ozone level and this ray contributes to tanning, skin aging, eye-damage, and immune suppression. As mentioned above, UV400 can protect the eyes from this harm. Such glasses are made to prevent or block the rays fully.

UVB, on the other hand, are the kind of rays that are affected by the level of the ozone. When there is a decrease in stratospheric ozone, UVB rays can reach the earth surface easily. This type of ray is harmful since it causes skin damage like skin cancer and to some extent premature skin aging. UVC is the also affected by the level of the ozone. Considering its effect on the earth, it is minimal.

Eye exposure to UV rays can cause short-term and long-term damages. As for short-term damage, condition such as Photokeratitis (cornea inflammation) can cause discomfort. Sometimes this is considered sunburn of the eye. Long-term damage can result to blindness or severe eye-diseases. Hence, it is recommended to use sunglasses that offer UV400 protection, which block UVA and UVB rays for about 99 to 100%. Protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun is important in order to maintain a healthy and clear looking pair of eyes.