The Skinny On FX Colored Contacts

What are FX Colored Contacts?

FX colored contacts are particularly made colored contacts that provide special FX for your eyes. Some may refer to them as novelty contacts or as theatrical contact lenses. There are a variety of different unique colors, designs and even some strange shapes that are offered as well. These colored contacts are all about having some fun with your eyes using some unique contact lenses for a different and exotic effect.

What are FX Colored Contacts Used For?

There is a variety of applications for FX colored contacts. Originally, they were primarily used for theatrical uses to change the eyes for plays or films. However, many people use them for others purposes today. It is very fun to use these colored contacts for Halloween parties to get a spooky or hilarious look. Some “gothic-styled” people also wear them to make a fashion statement.

What are the Different Types of FX Colored Contacts?

You can purchase hand painted FX lenses with flame designs, some are blacked out and others make your eyes look completely red. There are even FX lenses that make your eyes look like cat eyes or other animal looking eyes as well. Other colored contacts only cover part of your eye, you can get a set of Sclera lenses that cover the white area of your eye.

FX colored contacts are usually reserved for a rather alternative crowd. These contacts would look seriously out of place outside of costume parties and other weird events. It is better to stick to normal colored contacts if you would like to change the color of your eyes.

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