Tom Ford Prescription Sunglasses

2005 was a great year for designer sunglasses because that was the year Tom Ford introduced his label to the industry. Born in Austin, Texas, Ford grew up in Texas and New Mexico and went on to New York to go to NYU to study art history. Later, he went to the Parsons The New School for Design and hung out at the famous Studio 54 which later became one of his main design influences for Tom Ford prescription sunglasses. Ford moved up in the clothing fashion industry starting in 1986 with Hardwick and moved on to Perry Ellis and then to Gucci.

How it Started

By 1994 he had become Gucci’s creative director and started bringing back the glamor that had been tossed aside in previous years. Within just a couple of years, Gucci’s sales and popularity soared with Ford as the creative director. He left Gucci in 2004 and created his own brand. The very next year Tom’s prescription sunglasses were well on their way to fame. The company also developed other designer fashions including makeup, menswear and accessories.


Today, Ford has several stores and shops all over the globe. Tom Ford prescription sunglasses are very popular today and come in a huge variety of unique and elegant designer styles and colors to suit any style. The best thing about these sunglasses is that you don’t have to go to one of his shops to get them. You can find them online at various Internet prescription eye wear web stores.


The biggest benefit for shopping for Ford’s line of designer sunglasses is that you can comparison shop for the best price on his latest designs. Ford’s elegant logo is etched on each pair. Boring prescription sunglasses of the past are long gone because of Tom Ford and his innovative and creative designs. More people are wearing his brand because they go so well with today’s clothing.

The Designs

Some of the Tom Ford prescription sunglasses you can find online include the Jennifer which comes in 6 fashion colors, the Lilliana which comes in 4 designer colors and the Nico which comes in 3 gradient browns and 1 light brown color. There are many other models in Tom Ford’s fashion line of eye wear from which to choose that can be discovered online.