Video Sunglasses Are Coming

The next phase of eyewear is now at our doorsteps and it is time to open the door and welcome it and all that comes with it such as applications and other various plugin devices designed to make our life easier and more enjoyable. However these new innovations will not just be technically better but also micro based in their design and development. It is now time to welcome video eyewear to the world of not only glasses but also sunglasses as well, in fact due to the way these systems work it is going to be the sunglasses that will take advantage of these enhancements first off because such features a cinema screen will work better on a darkened background that sunglasses offer the best. Yes soon you will be sitting on a train with your darkened glasses on watching your favorite movie or music clip on the way to work even a concert, it will not matter where you are going but you will be traveling differently as you go there. Some of these new video eyewear features will enable you to use a third party device such as iPod or an iPad which you will be able to plugin to your eyewear and take advantage of all the features of visual enjoyment.

The future of video glasses will allow you to view a cinema screen that appears to be like a mini home cinema system right in front of you no matter where you are, you may have your movies and tv shows loaded before you travel or relax with this new eyewear innovations or you may choose to download on the go, which will be no problem because there are going to be literally thousands of available applications designed to be download to your video eyewear. As with all new technology the cost will be up there at first but as the critical mass embrace this new technology the price will drop dramatically and allow many different budgets to access these fantastic new gadgets. Recently Lady Gaga made headlines with her camera glasses that once again were darkened to help the device work better and this is why sunglasses are set to be the main form of video eyewear to take advantage of all the innovations up ahead.

Other expected inroads in such a technology will include sunglasses that allow you to play interactive games as you either travel or play in seated position which will have a games console via your phone or once again the iPad or other available computer tablets on the market. Your video glasses will also have GPS features to help you travel around foreign countries and even in your country if you need assistance and directions. Basically your glasses will be connected and ready to offer a variety of features including cinema, games and many other things you may not have considered possible for a pair of glasses to do, but this where the apps will play a big part and you can expect to see many many different apps available for purchase or possibly for free depending on the subject. It may be a visitor to New York can download a guided tour into their glasses and this predetermined tour could be supplied by the city itself as a reward for visiting. It seems Cheap Sunglasses will never be the same again. Even the ever popular Wrap Around Sunglasses will be a reborn style loved by all.