What About the Color Contacts No Prescription Option?

Would you like to change your eye color but don’t need vision correction? That’s where you might consider the color contacts no prescription option. Before you get any kind of contacts, there are several things you ought to know. You certainly need to know about what it takes to protect your vision while you’re enjoying a new eye color.

You really can choose to have just about any eye color with contact lenses. Wild contacts may be what you want. That’s for all kinds of crazy looks for parties or holidays. Think about white contacts? Pretty weird, huh? You can get all kinds of looks even if you don’t need vision correction and even if you have perfect eye sight. Here’s what to look out for…

You see most contact lens places will require you to see an eye doctor even if you just want cosmetic contacts. That’s for your own protection. That’s because contact lenses, even those with no prescription, ride on the tear layer on your eyes. To do that properly, the contact lens size and shape must be right for your eyes. See eyes came in different shapes and sizes.

You can just get a quick check by an eye doctor and the doctor will make sure you get the right size of contacts. That way you don’t risk injury to your cornea. That’s not something you want. The right contacts will be easy to wear and easy to maintain. A check-up will be fast and easy and not very expensive either.

Get that quick eye exam and you’re ready to go with whatever color contacts you want. The thing is, once you get that check-up you can just change out eye colors as often as you want. See what reaction you get with different eye colors.

Maybe some contacts places might sell you color contacts with no prescription, but it’s not a good idea. Take care of your precious sight. Get your eyes checked and make sure you get the right size color contacts for your individual eyes.

Get more tips about the color contacts no prescription option before you buy.

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