When Should You Order Colored Contacts?

If you are ready to get some colored contacts for the best costume you’ve ever had, then you might be wondering when you should order them? If you are going to need them in time for the upcoming Halloween then you should make sure you wait long enough to get good deals, but not so long that they don’t get there in time.

It’s a fine line on ordering them too soon, when you won’t get a good discount, because the manufacturer simply isn’t delivering and selling as many, so that makes them not be able to give quite as good of a discount as they normally could.

You also don’t want to wait so long that they are back ordered, run out, or maybe even worse yet, you order and pay for them, go through all the loops of getting a prescription, showing them and paying, but you get them a day late. That’s no good. Should you just take caution and order them a few months early? Some say yes, but those are usually the ones who have enough money to make decisions like that.

I’ve found that it usually helps to order the contacts at about the very beginning of October if you are ordering them for Halloween. This is usually when the sites sales usually start up, and they start offering free shipping etc. You might save a few bucks by waiting till a week or two in, but if you run into any snags when you first try to order them after waiting, it might be just long enough to make sure you don’t get them.

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