Wholesale Rhinestone Sunglasses

Rhinestone Sunglasses have became very popular this year. One of the major reasons for this is the stars wearing them. The shine from the Rhinestones draw a lot of attention and people really like this. Rhinestone Sunglasses are made in different shapes and sizes and the Rhinestones are fitted on them.

Some of the most popular styles are the larger plastic ones. This seems to be the hot trend from last year and the new year. If you are looking to stay in style then you will want to make sure and checkout the fancy Rhinestone styles.

Many people ask how the Wholesale Rhinestone Sunglasses are made. The plastic styles are hand drilled the correct size for the rhinestone and then the rhinestones are hand set in. This process can take many hours on each pair of sunglasses depending on the amount of stones that need to be set. This is the main reasons the rhinestone styles cost much more than a ordinary pair of sunglasses. The wholesale price from a direct importer on rhinestone sunglasses will run around $24 – $36 per dozen depending on the amount of stones and also the sunglass style.

Retailers can really benefit from carrying a broad range of styles and selection. The Rhinestone styles will really increase your sales if you don’t carry them now. Retailers have commented on how carrying new rhinestone styles have increased there sales. So definitely checkout the new rhinestone styles that are out on the market.