Colored Contact Lenses – Which Shade Complements You Best?

Are you in the mood for a change? Revitalize your eyes with the use of colored contact lenses. Available in almost any color imaginable, these lenses can show you what you would have looked like if you had been born with brown doe eyes or sparkling baby blues. To figure out which shade works best for you, study your complexion and hair color. Of course you don’t have to exactly match your skin or hair color, but they provide a nice reference point. Picture yourself with warmer tones-rich and earthy brown, golden highlights, lustrous hazel-and then compare that with the cooler shades of deep blues and soft greens or grays. Which color are you naturally drawn to? By listening to your gut instinct, you’ll come up with your answer.

Soothing Cool Tones

Transform your eye color into something truly remarkable with cooler hues ranging from icy blues to stark blacks and striking greens. Designed for those with light eyes, Focus Soft Colors Lenses will augment your color in a subtle way. Vivid aqua, royal blue, and evergreen shades will bring a dazzling effect to your eyes that people can’t help but notice. These disposable lenses are crafted for flexibility and comfort, and come in a buffered saline solution.

Another solid product comes from CooperVision-their Expressions line of colored disposable contacts. Perfect for those who would like to completely alter their eye color, Expressions includes a stunning selection of tones: jade, blue, aqua, green, gray, and blue topaz. With material of 45% polymer and 55% water, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing contacts due to the moisture-retaining design.

Illusions DW contact lenses offer enchanting colors and top quality, making them a great choice no matter what cool hue you’re into. This line offers several blue tones ranging from deep to soft blue. You can also choose from gray, violet, and two shades of green. For a realistic appearance, each lens features a unique embedded iris pattern that creates beautiful texture and depth.

Dramatic Warm Tones

For electrifying style that will set you apart from a crowd, check out warmer colors for your eyes. Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers offer shades like rich chestnut and honey brown that will bring new life and excitement to your eyes. Featuring UV blocking capabilities and a flexible design, these contacts are great for people who want to brighten, enhance, and alter their eye color just a bit.

Whether you’d like to light up your eyes or add a subtle richness, Freshlook Radiance just might have the solution you’re looking for. For a metallic bronze glow, try on the autumn shade. Light and shimmery, sunrise will introduce golden tones into your eye color. Each lens is designed to maximize comfort while invigorating your eyes with a warm and dazzling tint.

The Natural Look

If you’d like to alter your natural color a little, but not completely change it, then the natural look is the option for you. The first brand to try is the Natural Touch Opaque DW contacts. Designed to work with even the darkest eyes, these lenses can add blue, willow green, or gray tones to your palette. The 62% polymer and 38% water consistency will help maintain optimum levels of moisture and oxygen.

Infuse your existing eye color with a beautiful tint that will give your visage a subtle and flattering glow. Whether you prefer amber, green, or royal blue, you’ll find a spectacular shade in Cibasoft Colors’ range of colored lenses. Since they’re designed to work with your natural hue, these colored contacts are the ideal choice for fans of the raw and pure look. Augment your eye shade with the natural look and feel of this popular brand.

Fun and Wild Designs

Your friends and family will flip out when they see your newest colored contacts. From Ciba Vision, Wild Eyes lenses have special effects and patterns that will shock and awe everyone around you. For flame-inspired designs, look over the redhot and wildfire lenses that will give your eyes a spark of excitement. Take a walk on the wild side with the jaguar or zebra print contacts, or get in touch with your feline side with the cateye pattern. If you want to really freak your friends out, choose whiteout or blackout that will turn each eyeball into a solid color that’s perfect for costumes and Halloween. Not just about looks, Wild Eyes contacts also feature outstanding quality with a 45% polymer and 55% water consistency that will feel comfortable all day long.

Imagine yourself in your new, sultry eyeshade and how incredible you look and feel. From fun and twisted designs to organic undertones, there’s a whole spectrum of colors and designs out there for you to try.

Joanna Gomez is a freelance writer who writes about health, eye care and specific products such as Acuvue Oasys.