Consumer Guide to Contact Lenses!

A contact lens can be traced back to 1508, scientist Leonardo da Vinci is said to have given the first idea and the sketch of contact lens. It took a good 300 years time to actually create and use them. Swiss physician A.E. Fick and Paris Kalt created a first glass lens in the 1880s. It was worn to correct farsightedness and nearsightedness.

Today it is a booming industry and popularly suggested by opticians. Researchers have made large strides in the health and comfort qualities of this optical technology since their introduction during the 1880s. Scientists and innovators are commemorated for creating such a wonderful and comfortable piece for your eye.

It is also used comfortably by people suffering from astigmatism. They usually have a blurred vision at all distances. It is commonly seen when cornea has different degrees of curvature in different meridians and results in blurred vision. Opticians then created a soft lens with different curves in different meridians to correct astigmatism. It prevents the lens from rotating during wear. Hence this wonderful piece of eye has the power to correct any nearsightedness or farsightedness that exists along with the astigmatism.

It is more popular in the western countries than India. However, in India it has gained popularity slowly and is used mostly by the youngsters. Around 32 million people in the United States wear lenses. This is about 12 percent of the total population. It is quite helpful for vision correction and facilitates proper handling and maintenance of lenses. Unlike the conventional glasses there is no chance of leaving it at a shop and forgetting them. No chance of glass breaking and is highly handy. It is made affordable to all and is very useful for certain occupations. In case of a cone-shaped deformity of the cornea, absence of lens or “aphakia,” absence of iris or “aniridia” corneal lenses are used. These are permanently placed in the cornea.

Some people experience overflow of tears and corneal infection which are the contraindications of them. It is seen in the initial days and can stop gradually. The benefits of these contacts are that they are automatically cleaned with each blink of the eyelid. It is popular among sports men and women as they do not fall of unlike glasses. They look attractive and no more make you look ugly. It enhances the peripheral vision which is not known to many. Find them easily through online directory and compare prices.

Vijay Koragappa Shetty, Platinum author

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