Hybrid Contact Lenses – A Combination of Both Worlds

The success of prescription contact lenses for each individual wearer can be seen through the achievement in vision goals, comfort of wearing the lens, and positive ocular health and healthy physiological response. The uses of a rigid contact lens in most instances provide superior quality of vision as compared to soft contacts. However, rigid contacts wearers still have to suffer initial discomforts when fitted on non-adapted eyes. On the other hand, soft contact lens tends to center precisely on the cornea especially in corneal surface irregularity cases. Because of the initial discomforts of rigid contacts, this has led most wearers to prefer soft contacts instead. With this realization in mind, a concept of combining the features of rigid lens optics and the comfort and positioning of soft lens has been attempted thus the birth of a hybrid contact lens.

In a hybrid contact lens, on its center is a rigid gas permeable lens and then a soft lens surrounds it that extends out past the iris which provides immediate comfort when fitted. The wearer gets the best of both worlds, since it is comfortable to wear plus the lens gives optimum sharp vision since the rigid GP lens are centered over the pupils. Hybrid lenses are very suitable for those who suffer from presbyopia, keratoconus, astigmatism, myopua, hyperopia, and many more. The qualities of this type of contact lens allow the eyes to see better and clearly in the most comfortable way as possible.

A visit to your local Austin eye doctor will help in the determination of correct prescription, brand, and the type of hybrid lens needed by your eyes so you can enjoy sharp vision and comfort all at the same time. Whatever your vision concerns, your Austin eye doctor is here to help you achieve quality vision with the help of hybrid contact lenses.

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