Improve Your Vision Naturally – Natural Eye Exercises Vs Contact Lenses And Laser Surgery


Now that the knowledge of natural eye exercises has percolated through most of society, people are seriously sitting down and starting to consider the different vision improvement methods that are available. With natural methods now in play, vision without glasses is possible in three different ways.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses were of course the original alternative to glasses as they did not change physical appearance and therefore were thought to be more beneficial to someone concerned with how glasses might chance their outward appearance. Although this is certainly true, contact lenses suffer greatly from the fact that some people get headaches and migraines from them. Another drawback is that like glasses they simply treat the symptoms and mask the root problems related to your need for vision correction equipment.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery is a relatively new technology that has come onto the market in recent years and been made popular by several public figures that used it to shed their glasses for good. In this way, laser surgery is superior to glasses and contacts because it does not mask symptoms. It treats the exact problem and does so in a way that will give people the chance to lead lives that are free of any kind of vision correction equipment. That being said, laser surgery is relatively new and unknown, so we really don’t know that much about what might happen with this method in the future. There could be long-term side effects unaccounted for and of course there are poorly trained individuals that will charge and not do the surgery properly, compounding your problems rather than resolving them.

Natural methods

Natural methods such as the use of natural eye exercises a few minutes a day through the Bates method and other vision improvement methods such as a diet rich in eyesight nutrients is an option that has been around for a while but has never really gained that much traction. Just as people do not like to be told to diet and exercise when they can have liposuction, so too is there a mental block at attaining vision without glasses through natural means. This is the effort intensive one, but it is also the only way that gives you a chance to have great vision for the rest of your life with no side effects. People that have successfully done this would quickly point out that end point is worth the few minutes of exercise per day.

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