Making the Move to Contact Lenses

When I got fed up with my glasses I decided to make the move to contact lenses. Despite initial reservations, things have worked out well. I’d been wearing spectacles since I was a teenager and had generally got on reasonably well with them. Like most young people I was conscious of my image and they weren’t the most attractive objects, but they did at least allow me to see!

Over the years I gradually became less and less happy with them. As fashions changed quite quickly, I soon became aware that each pair of glasses were becoming dated and in need of replacement.

It was a pain to be continually cleaning them and working out where I’d put them. There was something slightly annoying about shoving them back on to my nose when ever they slid down too. Despite all of this, I wasn’t sure about wearing contact lenses. I didn’t like the thought of having to put them into my eyes and was worried that they might be painful at first.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and give them a go. I went to my local opticians and had an eye examination. This determined that my eyes were healthy and that I could wear lenses – they’re apparently not suitable for everyone. With my prescription in hand, I opted to purchase lenses online. I did this because the prices offered by internet contact lens retailers seemed to be lower.

Once I had the lenses I found that they did take a little getting used to. They did seem uncomfortable at first and it took a little time before I felt really confident about putting them in my eyes. After a while though it got to the point where I barely remembered that I was wearing them. I no longer have the annoyance associated with wearing glasses and people don’t even realise that I’m short sighted.

My only regret is that I didn’t make the move sooner.

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