Protective Bifocal – Tinted Eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses have come a long way from just offering vision correction to providing eye protection from harmful UV rays, dust and other foreign objects. Initially sunglasses were the only eyewear which offered protection from sun and harmful UV rays, but with technological advancements even prescription eyeglasses can offer you the same protection.

Single vision prescription sunglasses are generally used by people now a days but its has its own limitations like if you are presbyopic then single vision sunglasses can only offer mono vision correction that is either for distance or for reading. To overcome this limitation prescription bifocal sunglasses are introduced so as to avert the inconvenience.

Bifocal prescription sunglasses are most popular among people suffering from presbyopia as these are the simplest form of multi-focal lenses and the prices are reasonable as compared to progressive sunglasses. Bifocal sunglasses not only offer protection from sun and dust but also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays which can cause serious eye diseases if our eyes are over exposed.

Along with protective benefits prescription sunglasses can be a fashion accessory that you would want to have in your collection as the eyeglass frame options are limitless. You c select trendy frames with wide lenses but the only thing that you would need to keep in mind is not to select a frame with high curvature (curve) as this may cause vision distortion thus you can select flatter sunglass frames to avoid vision distortion.

Tint option or colors for the lenses are also unlimited along with the frames but the best recommended color for sunglasses are brown and grey as these colors are darkest of all and if you like dark sunglasses then these two colors are the ones that you should opt for. Along with tint color you can also select the way you would like the tint to be applied on the lenses. Solid color tinted lenses are most common but if you are using bifocal eyeglasses then you can opt for gradient tints which offers darker color on the upper portion of the lenses and gradually becomes lighter as it moves to the bottom half of the lenses. This type of tinting are highly beneficial with bifocal sunglasses as it offers clear vision from the reading area.

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