Can Contact Lenses Correct Eyesight?

Here is a true or false question for you. Can contact lenses correct eyesight? The correct answer is false. Wearing contact lenses is like putting a band aid on a cut. The band aid itself doesn’t cure the cut, it just protects it from getting infected. Your body naturally heals the cut. Wearing contact lenses is the same concept; they are just a temporary fix but they won’t heal your eye sight. If they could heal your eyesight, you wouldn’t have to continue to wear them all the time. Continue reading Can Contact Lenses Correct Eyesight?

Take Best Care of Your Contact Lens

The care of contact lenses differs by kind of contact, using time and the set lens stand-in schedule. Low water soft lenses are cared for in a different way than superior water lenses. And today, soft lenses could be replaced, every day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even on longer schedules; all have need of slight variations in a patients lens preservation routine. Continue reading Take Best Care of Your Contact Lens

What are Intra-Ocular Contact Lenses?

Most people are not strange to contact lens which is a corrective, cosmetic, or therapeutic lens usually placed on the cornea of the eye. However, do you know what the intra-ocular contact lens is. Intra-ocular contact lens is a medical jargon, and it, as its name suggests, is a lens implanted inside the eye, usually replacing the existing crystalline lens, which will be clouded over by a cataract as people age. Therefore, when people get their 40s when the natural inborn lens becomes opaque, they can remove their damaged lens by replacing a prosthetic lens placed in their eyes. This is what American elders usually do. However, the problem is that those intra-ocular contact lenses have some shortages that with the deterioration of muscles, it will be easy for them to be out of shape by a loss of nervous control or a malfunction within muscles. Continue reading What are Intra-Ocular Contact Lenses?

Shopping For New Online Contacts

Businesses everywhere are looking for new contacts and go to great lengths to find them. The general circle of friends and family quickly run out and the need for new contacts increases to a near emergency. Without new contacts it is impossible to generate revenue, therefore leaving the business stranded. This stand still of not building new contacts or customers can devastate the entire focus of the business. List building online can not only increase business contacts, but also share information that is relevant to both parties. Continue reading Shopping For New Online Contacts

Contact Lenses and Eye Glasses: The Advantages And Negatives Of Both

If you’re affected by from a vision problem but might not be the right age to get lasik surgery to help you correct the situation you will need eyewear to see clearly. Two of the most favoured classes of eye products are contact lenses and eye glasses, both of these having their own benefits as well as down sides which you may find intriguing. The subsequent guide is going to evaluate various reasons you might choose each treatment and what can be practical when it comes to you. Continue reading Contact Lenses and Eye Glasses: The Advantages And Negatives Of Both